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Christmas Melts

Christmas Melts

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Christmas melts

Six piece clam shell - 60hr burn time per pack

Soy wax

1. Cranberry Joy: Juicy zingy cranberry with hints of white florals give this fragrance a happy vibe, with the smoothness of musk, vanilla and balsam to give depth to the fragrance.

2. Christmas Day - Blackcurrant & Plum: Delightful fruity notes of lemon head this stunning Christmas fragrance with the intoxicating allure of cyclamen and pine. Final notes of spice florals and amber complete this resonant fragrance.

3. Christmas Night: A modern blend set to remind of warm nights and beautiful memories. Top notes: Orange, grapefruit, strawberry, fresh apple. Mid notes: Ho wood, lavender, pine. Base notes: Cedarwood, clove, jasmine.

4. White Christmas: As the snow falls take in the crisp smell of sweet mint gently blended with jasmine rose and gardenia with hints of vetiver oak moss and lily of the valley.

5. Christmas Pudding: A balance of Sweet, fruity, cinnamon and caramel notes are supported by gentle floral and spicy elements for the perfect gourmand theme. Xmas Pudding is a rich, warm scent with a subtle blend of sweet, fruity, spicy, creamy and woody scents.

6. Island Christmas: Guava mango and papaya burst forth with a sweet twist of ripe strawberry punctuated with the glorious note of freshly plucked peppermint leaf.

7. Fresh Pine & Fir Needle: Fresh crisp fir needle and herbal sage combine to create a rich and rounded aroma like no other. It's a walk in an evergreen forest.


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