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Floral Cleansing Wand

Floral Cleansing Wand

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Our cleaning wands contain a mix of white Californian sage, dried flowers, and a decorative crystal.

These smudges are intuitively decorated, and although similar, no two are identical.

The design of these cleansing wands, including the dried florals, will vary according to the availability of stock.

10cm in length.

What is a cleansing wand?

Burning sacred and medicinal herbs, to create a cleansing smoke, has been an ancient tradition of many cultures from around the world. There are various traditions and beliefs associated with smoke used for cleansing, however smudging in its basic form is a practice performed to rid yourself and your space of negative energies, inviting only love and light to remain.

With every purchase an instruction card is included

Please always remove large florals and crystals prior to burning. Never leave burning unattended.

* Crystals are intuitively chosen and may differ from product photos.




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